The introductory course housed in the Fab Lab is called Fab Lab Essentials. This course is an introduction to the 2D, 3D and CNC controlled machines in the Fab Lab. Students are introduced to the design process and documentation used in engineering related fields. In groups they complete the following eight projects.

Project #1 Cookie Cutter using 3D printer
Project #2 iPhone Stand using CNC mill
Project #3 Design Corprate Logo and print using Heat Press
Project # 4 Key Chain using Laser Engraver
Project #5 3D Scanning Tech Investigation
Project #6 Press Fit Organizer using ShopBot
Project #7 Create Ice Tray using Vacuum Former
Project #8 Create Corporate Decal using Vinyl Cutter

The second class offered is How to Make Almost Anything class (MTMAA). In this class students create two individual projects that must use at least three of the machines in the lab in order to manufacture.
Description of Project
Project Design Brief
Project Proposal
Project Proposal Presentation
Project Final Summary Grade
Project Final Presentation